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The Church - It Could Be Anyone lyrics

Within this city will come to your children identical sisters in mirrors of haze
Magnetic disturbance distorting the meters, unendurable silence sucked into the phase
The first of these daughters appears in the vacuum, the void that's created, an absence of light
Perpetually chanting the great Maha (?) mantra, she heralds the current that holds back the night
Anyone, could be anyone (repeat)

The second descends through electric attraction distributing wings, they've never been used (??)
When certain conditions fulfilled by the future, momentarily lucid, permanently fused
In the hills and mountains the hawks and the eagles hang on the breezes and glide on the clouds
They pull down a torrent that shorts out the circuit negating the fires and drowning the crowds

Anyone, could be anyone (repeat)

Without your succession (?) the message transmitted is certainly altered, it's no longer true
Bursting/Birthing (?) in temples (??) as it brings on the jungles breeds the doctors nobody knew (???!)
When north meets the south, when right meets the left, when parallel lines begin to converge
We're transcending factors (transmit/translate ?), fake the arrangements, charge-positive sky, the monster submerged
And when this is over and when it is finished, the mission accomplished, the purpose complete
Back at the beginning Eden prevails, back at the start, back on the street

Anyone, could be anyone (repeat)

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